Comedogenic Ratings

As you may have read in my previous post, i am all about all things natural. So what does that mean for me? It means that i believe more in the things that are provided naturally and freely to us by our Mother (Nature). i believe that there is more healing that can be offered by a certain plant i am growing in my garden than by a certain medication cooked up in the laboratory. It may sound stupid to you, but why should i waste my money and my body and my earth by continuously feeding my body synthetic products when instead, i could feed it and nourish it with something more natural, something that will be recognisable in my body therefore sparking an early and more natural response? i hope i am making sense.

below, i have attached a slide that i created after a bit of research that i conducted on various oils and butters. i have listed their names and their comedogenic rating. Basically, comedogenic just refers to how much the oil or butter is more likely to clog your pores. i felt that this is a vital foundation for all things that are to follow. This post is most applicable to acne prone skin as the higher the comedogenic rating, the more it (the butter or oil) is likely to clog your pores and thefore cause (more) acne.


if you’re acne prone, make sure you’re not moisturising your skin with something above 2.


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